About site

Ann de Lesté is a meeting place for ideas, people, experiences. I built the space with a focus on my books.

About the blog – it’s like a chocolate bar split between friends. I deliver a dose of sweet, something to lift endorphins. Rest assured, you will get it – both from the books, and from the brief notes under photos, not to mention my euphorically long articles with outbursts of excitement from yet another experience that has fired me up over the “tenth Moon”. There will be endorphins. There will be recipes, too. I cook (not only with words). I will do that on the move – that much is clear. I can't do neither without headlong deep dives, nor without peace and quiet. So, I won’t be online publishing every day, but my presence will be seen.

You know, as the years go by we have less and less time to communicate. I’m separated from most of my friends by thousands of miles or thousands of annoying but necessary, though nonsensical things, that rob us of our face to face time. This place here is a way to stick together, although people change, I myself, too. Fatuities happen. You do not know who is who anymore. But if you are an idealist like me, you cannot stop believing that everything is all right and you keep telling yourself, "It is only temporary, that too shall pass." That's why you keep being the one you like the most and you keep stating, "Albeit it does move," regardless of how much they keep telling you that turtles and elephants carry the world on their backs.

Така че, „Добре дошли“ и „Наздраве“! Пия до дъно за удоволствието Живот – причината и смисълът на Всичко, което прави на едното голо нищо псевдо-съществуването на останалото.