About name

Ann de Lesté is my spiritual territory. In fact, at first it was not Ann de Lesté (as a name) but one word andeleste, which Evy suggested I divide into more words, so it would be easier to understand by the English speakers. The first time I’d heard that radiantly sounding word was in 1998 in a small Danube town, and more precisely, in a small local church. It felt like being inside a woman’s womb – so cosy and happy. Most of the people who had come for the event called “Inside of Him” which I fortunately happened to attend, were of gypsy origin, which inevitably brought the music and the dancing “as if there’s no tomorrow,” (as we say in Bulgaria for such over-the-top celebrations). As they pattered against the ground, dancing a traditional „horо“ dance, happy and smiling, some of them cheered, “Andeleste!”, which sounded like “Cheers!” and “Мazel tov!“ at the same time. To be frank, I felt like I was at a wedding. A wedding, but not an ordinary one. A Gypsy wedding! I asked one of the people who was calling “Andeleste!” what it meant and he cleared it up for me. In their language, it meant “Inside of him, inside of Christ”. Ahaa... Now I know where I am. From then on, I have defined myself with this "destination", state, meaning and essence, above all. Of course, it was not just the dance and music. They were the Wine in which I found the Truth. My intoxication is from it.