About me


In body – from Dobrich, Bulgaria. In spirit – from Heaven! In soul – merry and good.

Musician by education – pianist and choral conductor.

Poet, mystic, philosopher in the good sense of the word, in love with God.

Father – a Historian; mother – a Bulgarian Language Studies graduate. Grandpas – an inventor and an artist and musician; grandmas – housewives.

Childhood years – in Dobrich; high school years – in Varna; student years – in Sofia.

In 2000, I got happily married to my beloved, Nikolay.

In 2002, I started sailing the seven seas with him.

I have set foot in 80 countries. Every year, their number grows increasingly.

I am the author of:

- the poetry collection Butterflies (2001);

- five travelogues: Seascoops 2002, Seascoops 2005, Seascoops 2013, Seascoops 2014, Seascoops from cruises;

- the small philosophical book Us Is (2008);

- as well as of the translation of some of the books in The Message Bible: Ecclesiastes: The Primary Teacher (2006), Proverbs (2006), The Song over the Songs (2006). In the few psalms I called Inside Us (2006), and especially in Romans (2008) and Jews (2010), which I later compiled into a book, I went beyond the concept of translation, giving these books my own voice, making them my version, inspired by their texts in The Message Bible.

I express myself through my attitude towards people, through the confessions in my books, or through tastes in cooking. I'm crazy about the way God enters our mouths and kisses us with all the scents and textures he has created for our pleasure! I love interpreting these kisses in ever newer ways.

To travel is to live. To get back to Bulgaria is to be me.

Ann de Lesté

Тhe global excites me in the most global sense of the word. I'm excited about the big picture, not so much about the detail. If I have it, I have the puzzle with all the small pieces put together, that’s why I don’t rummage in them. I make a difference between soul and spirit, that is why I can love unconditionally. I love God, that is why I love people, however difficult and unfathomable their brokenness has made them. But I see them Тhere, not here, so communicating with them makes me happy. When, however, I get tired of sharp edges and of being attentive with touch, I withdraw within myself and my world of mutuality and self-sufficiency in the family, where he and I are everything. My treasure’s name Nikolay. He is the centre of my earthly world, just as God is the centre of my existence as a whole. I love it when things are in order. I foster no love for chaos, but I understand its place in a world that’s defective by design. Perfection is what it is precisely because it is independent of imperfection. Even when placed in the context of itself, It is still Itself, undisturbed by the pseudo-existence of defect. To me, that is INGENIOUS. It is the truly ingenious, that the Spirit has endowed my soul with the gift of being a litmus of. I enjoy the Good, in the sense of Perfection. I'm at daggers drawn with everything black, even if I know that darkness and the so called "Nothing" is an over-form of Light and of Everything. Because of the abundance of defect, be it set as a precondition for the Thing to be invariably part of the omnipresence of nothingness, here I am the Voice of Bliss, as our universally human, original and indelible divine essence. I will always stand for Him and for nothing else, much as our minds are in every way exposed to humanism (which, honestly, I find immature) or to religions, which also reach only a certain point (excluding the zany stuff - they are not even worth mentioning). In three words, pseudo is pseudo. I am in support of the Original, which is the absolute standard for beauty and immutability. Andeleste I am.