About paintings

The Author of all the paintings you see on my website is Angel Iliev. The only exception is the one I picked as a cover for the novel I’m writing, The Original (Paul the Apostle by Bartolomeo Montagna). I have the pleasure of knowing Angel Iliev in person; moreover, we were born in the same town. At present, he lives and works in London. You can see the pieces he shows, as well as details of his creative biography, in his website, angeliliev.com.

Three of his paintings – the ones I have chosen for some of the psalms Inside Us, for the essay The Silence and the Night and for the Books section are incomplete. Despite that, Angel has kindly placed them at my disposal. I’m lost for words.

I have always been obsessed by his art, by the Spirit which is sovereignly present in it and which is so unquestionably Himself. Even though our works are separated by years and miles, I found that genetic link between them that is inevitable with people who draw their DNA from the same Source. All that time, we have been covering the same spiritual trajectory.

Allowing me to surround myself with his paintings here was more than an honour. Thank you, Angel! I place your art among the world’s cultural heritage. It is a great contribution to civilization. I know time will prove my words true.